DIY Lunar New Year Drums [Video Tutorial!]

Materials required:

1. Two paper plates

2. Wooden sticks (You can use wooden chopsticks or ice cream sticks in place of this)

3. Strings (yarn or wool strings)

4. Two bells (with circle hoops to tie the strings on)

5. Staple and scotch tape to fasten the materials together

6. Paint, colour pencils or any other materials to decorate the paper plates


1. Decorate the outsides of your paper plates as you wish

2. Attach the wooden sticks on the inside of the paper plates by using scotch tape

3. Cut the strings so that it measures up to about ⅔ of the paper plate’s diameter

4. Tie the strings to the bell and ensure that it is tight

5. Tape the other end of the strings to two opposing ends of the paper plates with the wooden stick

6. Place the other paper plate on top and fasten them together with a staple. Try to staple it on where the scotch tape was placed to secure the strings.

7. Twirl your drum and test it out!



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